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Max Payne

Thursday, August 02, 2001 by TheDoc

Overall: 4
Graphics: 4
Interface: 4
Multiplayer: 3
When darkness falls in New York City tonight, a lone man will go through hell to avenge his loved ones only to discover that the answers he seeks can hurt more than having no answers at all. Against all odds, back against the wall, and with no one to trust ... Max Payne. A man with nothing to lose.


The graphics of the game are nicely done. I was impressed. The game itself is a third person camera angle type of game, where you see yourself from behind usually. The environment is nicely done, with most of the areas damageable (or at least bullet holes). The animation is smooth, and so far, I haven't run into any slow downs in the game.


The game is pretty straight forward, mostly mouse and keyboard. Keyboard is used for movement, and a few other keys/uses and the mouse is used for combat and "Bullet Time". This is one of the best things about the game (it's a good game though all around). Ever want to play a game and get the feeling you were in the movie the Matrix? Well, you can be now. Bullet time is that sort of slow motion combat seen in Matrix. You can do those funky John Woo dives across doorways, shooting at all the bad guys while dodging their bullets.

Multiplayer (if any):

I don't recall seeing any options for multiplayer.


So far, it's not anything really new (except for the Bullet Time stuff) but it's definately worth playing. It has a good story line, and it's pretty action packed so far. My only gripe is that the comic strip movies are blurry as hell to me. I don't know why. I can hardly read them (not that you really need to, it just helps with the plot). I'll finish this one before going on to a new game.

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Screenshot 2
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Screenshot 4
Screenshot 5

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