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Return to Castle Wolfenstein - Demo

Monday, October 01, 2001 by ReDDoG

Return to Castle Wolfenstein - Demo
Overall: 4
Graphics: 4
Interface: 4
Multiplayer: 4
Well I know that I've been waiting for the release of this game, so a test will do me for now until the real release is available.

This WWII first person shooter is like DoD and Team Fortress combined on a Q3 Engine.


The graphics I would have to say are really decent. The battlefield and players look realistic enough for me. I'm hoping however, that because this is a test file that the graphic handling gets better. On my Riva TnT2 Ultra, I experienced some serious lag when I'm in the middle of an air strike and the enemy is frying me with a flamethrower. Since there isn't a lot you can do to configure the graphics, I'm going to assume that the release will be better.


The interface is really easy, and completely understandable. The video integrated in the objectives and mission briefing is pretty cool. I must mark one up for the voice commands, as they're pretty neat. WooHoo! Ooops! LOL

Multiplayer (if any):

This test play only supports multiplayer and runs very well I might add. There are MANY servers to test this game out on.


I enjoyed this test file and can't wait until the release, especially if is as promising as the test. I have spent many hours on this game. I would recommend anyone that enjoys games like CS, DoD, or Team Fortress to download this baby and give it a try.

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