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Red Faction

Wednesday, October 03, 2001 by Pyro

Overall: 5
Graphics: 5
Interface: 5
Multiplayer: 4
Story-wise, the evil Ultor corporation's Martian mining operation isn't exactly what it claims to be. You, as the game's protagonist, Parker, joined this outfit as one of the company's thousands of miners. Eventually the miners catch on to what is happening (a mysterious plague is killing off a large percentage of the mining population) and a full on revolt starts. What would have been nice would be more interaction with your fellow miners, but you find yourself being a lone-wolf, ansering only to EOS, the head of the revolters. Lucky for you, you have a side-kick that somehow has hacked into the computer system, and is able to communicate with you via audio and video, and guide you through various objectives.


This game looks to be running the HalfLife engine modified with GEO-MOD technology. GEO-MOD (short for GEOmetry MODification) is capable of allowing you to blow holes into and through "MOST" walls. The word MOST is used because there are a few areas that are indestuctable. Still, this allows for a far more interactive envirnment than any other games on the market. The graphics at times are bland at best, but considering that the game takes place on Mars, you cannot expect a lot of eye candy.


The interface for the game is the standard mouse/keyboard interface used with just about every FPS out there. It is fully configurable to just about any keyboardd layout that you can conceive.

Multiplayer (if any):

I have yet to fully test the multiplayer function of this game, but it includes Capture the Flag, DeathMatch, and Team DeathMatch. It is configurable for Internet and LAN play.


Game play is fast, furious, relentless, and flat out awesome. There are 15 weapons, 5 vehicle you can drive or control in some manner, and even a couple of "stealth" missions thrown in to keep you on your toes. The weapons, for the most part are enjoyable and well balanced. Almost all the weapons have a secondary fire mode, such as adding a silencer to a pistol, or switching between semi and fully automatic fire. A majority of the game's weapons are actually really fun to use, sadly a few of them are pretty much pointless. The riot shield, for instance is good for smacking a guard upside the head when he isn’t looking, but won’t deflect much of anything they can shoot at you. Why would you go into combat with just a shield? Personally, I feel they should allow you to use a shield and a pistol. All in all, it is a great game, and well worth your time. You will find yourself spending many hours on this one, even with it's few shortcomings.

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