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Serious Sam The Second Encounter

Sunday, February 17, 2002 by TheDoc

Serious Sam The Second Encounter
Overall: 4
Graphics: 5
Interface: 4
Multiplayer: 4
Sam is back in the all new second episode of his battles with his arch-enemy mental! After finding the Sirian spacecraft in ancient egypt, Sam "Serious" stone hijacked it and headedfor mental himself! But this, sadly, was not to be, as Sam lost control of the alien craft and crash landed in the South American mountains. Now, surrounded by an even stronger army of mental's evil forces, Sam is forced to battle his way towards Mental's fortress and put a stop once and for all to his plans of world domination.


The game's graphics engine is the same I believe, but it is equal or better than anything out right now. The graphics are intensive, and you will need a good video card and system to keep this baby on high detail and have it perform smoothly, but as long as you do, the detail and graphics are great. Nice effects like shadowing and lens flares provide nice touches to the game.


The interface is straight forward. The default is nicely laid out, using both the mouse and keyboard combination, which is easy to get use to for anyone who plays FPS type games. There are a few keys that you will use that are different, because you have things like messaging systems, where as other games do not. Overall, everything is laid out nice and if you don't like it, it is easy to change!

Multiplayer (if any):

Multiplayer is like any other really. It's a free for all kick butt kill fest.


The game is simple, stay alive. You can choose from several difficulty levels and get ready for the game to throw monsters at you from every direction. Even on the easy setting, it's not easy. I'd suggest that you choose one level lower than you think you can take on. You'll make use of the F6 key, quick saving often, so that when you die, you will not have to redo an hour of kicking butt.

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