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Command and Conquer Renegade

Tuesday, April 16, 2002 by TheDoc

Command and Conquer Renegade
Overall: 3
Graphics: 3
Interface: 3
Multiplayer: 3
Have you ever played any of Westwood's Command & Conquer games? If so, you'll enjoy the jump into a first person perspective of those games. You'll identify the GDI and NOD forces on sight and see and pilot vehicles that you've commanded in the other games. Havoc's out to kick some NOD butt and Kane better be ready!


The graphics in the game are your standard fare at this point. Nicely done 3D terrain with your typical effects like fog and mist. Nothing special really, with all of the 3D shooter games out there. I did notice a few places with some bad clipping, but most of the areas were nicely done.


Interface is standard keyboard and mouse combination. All of the keys can be re-defined so you can set it up however you like it. The mouse scroll feature to scroll through the weapons always mixed me up though. I think it's backwards of what it should be. I'm sure you can change it, but I never did, and just stuck to using the 0-9 keys to switch weapons since you end up using mostly the same ones once you get them throughout the game.

Multiplayer (if any):

Multiplayer was both fun and a big disappointment at the same time. I played the multiplayer demo, and while fun, it was very laggy and slow. Most of the time was spent in a paused state while the game was waiting for data, or trying to resync you to the game. I thought this was either due to the volume of people playing the demo on the limited servers, or the demo itself. I was wrong. When I got the retail game, I joined a game and experenced the same problems. I know it wasn't a problem on my end, as I was playing on a T3, and could play other games (CS) with almost no lag (less than 60 ping). While the few times the game was playable, it was enjoyable, and I have to admit, it would be addictive if playable. I enjoyed the single player part, and like the multiplayer experence of the game but the lag just kills it. I had to give it a 3 because I'm hoping that they can get rid of the lag. If that was gone, I'd give it a 4, but I can't with the amount of unplayability there is now.


While I am speaking highly of the game, I must say that there are some parts of the game that are extremely frustrating and almost made me delete the game with out finishing it. First, whoever was in charge of the menus and flow needs to go back and learn flowcharts. I don't understand why, when I die, I am given the choice to restart, load, or quit. No matter what I choose, the choices are not quite that easy. If you choose restart, it restarts the level. Ok, simple enough. If you choose load, it brings you back to the save game menu, where you choose which game to load. Ok, it could just load the last save, but ok. Quit doesn't actually quit the game, it brings you back to the main menu.

That brings me to my second complaint. The load time for the game is horrible. It would take 5 minutes or more to reload a game. Now, that can get you irritated if you spend 3 minutes playing, die, then click on load game, wait 3-4 minutes, then click on your save game, and wait another 4-6 minutes for the game to load. You end up spending 10 minutes to play 3 and die again, and start it all over. There shouldn't be the 3-4 minute delay when you click on load to get to the load screen. Once you die, it should be it. Then when you're finally ready to throw in the towel and say that's it, you hit quit, it brings you back to the main screen, where you have to hit quit again, then it asks you if you're sure you want to quit to the desktop, and after you hit yes, it's another 3-4 minutes before you exit the game.

Another short one is on one of the levels, you must take out a obelisk of light, and they start you out with a mammoth tank, and if it gets destroyed, you drop a barrier and they give you an mobile rocket launcher, but if that gets taken out as well, you're stuck reloading the game as you don't have anything else to destroy it with (it kills you if you even try to get close). I had to reload that level like 5 times because my tank would get blown up and the rocket launcher would be destroyed before I could get to it. One time, my tank got taken out, and it didn't even give me the launcher, so I had no chance at all.

The last real complaint is the AI in the game. Westwood must have had more than one programmer do the AI, one real good person, and one, well, not so good person. Sometimes the AI can be extremely hard and aggressive, and the other, dumb and lifeless. An example is where you can shoot someone with a close range weapon, and they just stand there and let you. Another is the damn levels where you must escort someone. They will run into a room full of hostiles, and just stand there, while you have to chase them and kill everyone before they can kill the person who you're trying to escort. Not real smart. On the plus side, the NOD forces will sometimes give chase to you following you for short distances, and those damn snipers :) Sometimes they are poor shots, but sometimes give them room to pick you off, and you'll find yourself reloading the game because they got in a head shot and you're dead. All in all it's a fun game, but can be frustrating at times, and the mixed AI makes the game sometimes a little too easy, and others a little too hard.

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