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Freedom Force

Wednesday, April 24, 2002 by TheDoc

Freedom Force
Overall: 3
Graphics: 3
Interface: 3
Have you ever wanted to be a comic book hero? Well now is your chance! Welcome to Freedom Force, where you get to play the hero, and fight evil. Build up your characters and learn new skills, upgrade your powers, and recruit new members to your party.


The graphics are good, considering the game. Since it's a birdseye view, of a 3d world, it' nicely done. All of the graphics are crisp and sharp, while having good backgrounds and design.

While sticking to the 60's style setting, all of the character background (secret origins) are done in a 16 color type cartoonish slide show type setting. It reminds me of watching a monty python movie except more cartoonish.


Interface is rather simple, mostly mouse with a few keyboard commands. I find it lacking sometimes, as there are certain things you can do with the keyboard, and others you have to do with a mouse. The superhero skills have F1-F3 hotkeyed, but if your hero has 5 skills, you have to use the mouse to change the skill dropdown. While saying this, you can also right click on the bad guy and select the skill, but I found it faster to hit F1 or F3 to change the skill. I also found it annoying that when you have more than one character selected, you have to select one character to perform a specific task, or it will do the default thing for each character (i.e. attack skill).

Multiplayer (if any):



I liked the game, and I've been waiting for it since last E3, but after playing it for a while, I got bored with it. It's annoying having to do the same thing over and over, because you die so easy. I don't see why they give you certain characters in acts that are adversely against them. I mean, most of the first few levels after you get El Diablo are the Nuclear Winter levels, and El Diablo has like no resistances to cold, more likely, he takes more damage from the cold, so you'll end up losing him right away. Mentor has little in the way of direct attacks, and his other skills, which sometimes helpful, are more likely useless. Minuteman is a good all around guy, but it kind of weak, and man-bot is a strong guy, but slow as heck (which is a trade off, and I can see he's not all that bad as balance goes).

I've probably played half of the game, and have restarted or loaded a save game probably 3 times as much. While the game is a nice distraction, I'm turned off by it's short comings.

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