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Prisoner of War

Thursday, September 26, 2002 by Pyro

Prisoner of War
Overall: 3
Graphics: 3
Interface: 3
Codemasters has released their PC port of an XBox game called Prisoner Of War in which you play the role of a captured US Air Force pilot shot down over Germany while on a reconnaissance mission. You start the game out in a holding camp, waiting to be transferred to another camp. Being the impatient American that you are, sitting around getting used to prison camp lifestyle isn't in your blood. By questioning the other prisoners you find out the way things really run under the Germans noses. You sneak around the camp, searching for contraband (known as currency) to buy items you need, and to bribe other prisoners to assist you. By talking to the Officer In Charge of the camp, you are given missions to complete in order to gain their confidence. Once trusted, they start sending you out on more missions where you start to discover what the Germans are really up to.


The overall graphics are almost up to par, but seem to be lacking the punch of games out today. For instance, the opening cinematics show your character flying the plane with his hands gripping the yoke of the plane, but whenever his hands move as if he is turning the plane, the yoke does not move. Also, at times the lip-synching wasn't up to par. While the graphics do a good job of placing you in the prison camp moment, it just has that console look and feel to it.


The interface is a combo of Keyboard and mouse. Most of your character actions come in the form of choices that are made available to you during certain situations. For instance, walk up to a door, and you are give the choice of peeping through the keyhole (mouse button 2), or opening the door (mouse button 1). While keeping options limited is important for consoles due to the limited amounts of buttons, this is a downfall when porting over to a PC. There where many times when an option (such as throwing a stone to distract a guard) just wasn't there. There where also times that actually getting an option to work correctly was difficult.

Multiplayer (if any):

No multiplayer is available in this game


While the game itself isn't bad, it has console port written all over it. With poor controls, and nominal graphics, the game can quickly become frustrating. For instance to lay down (only available when you are near a vehicle, or something you can crawl under), you first have to crouch down, then if your close enough to something you can crawl under, the "lay down" option appears. The game forces you to complete missions in order to progress. At least the missions are open ended, which means that any way you can complete them works. Also, you are constantly fighting the clock. There are times when you are rushed to get to an objective and back in time for evening check. While this makes the game challenging, it can get extremely frustrating very quickly. If your looking for something to pass the time until DOOM III comes out, this might be something worth looking into, but don't expect too much.

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