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No One Lives Forever 2

Monday, October 28, 2002 by TheDoc

No One Lives Forever 2
Overall: 4
Graphics: 5
Interface: 4
Multiplayer: 3
The sequal to the award-winning No One Lives Forever returns you to a world of espionage, intrugue, and dry humor inspired by the '60's spy craze. Armed with an arsenal of deadly weapons, cunning spy gadgets and devious traps, you must undertake a dangerous, top secret mission that will take you to exotic locales like Japan, India and Akrom, Ohio in your quest to thwart H.A.R.M.'s plans for global domination.

An all-new, advanced AI system gives enemies a deeper understanding of their environment. Watch them work at desks or step outside for a cigarette break. Lure them into the shadows by knocking over a bottle or dibturbing a wind chime. Evade them as they coordinate attacks to out flank you. You'll need sharp wits and quick reflexes to save the world from H.A.R.M.

Ok, so much for the advertising. Take your typical FPS game and add in some new interesting weapons, gadgets and other odds and ends, and you've got NOLF2.

Not only are you playing a female spy character from the '60's but you have groovy clothes. While it is a typical FPS game, it has some non-typical game play in it. For instance, you can walk normally, or you can sneak. While sneaking, there is less chance you will alert the bad guys, or have then notice you, or if they are looking for you already, less chance of them finding you. You have the ability to hide in shadows as well in certain circumstances. The game also has the ability to lure the bad guys into your grasp. You will find items throughout the game such as bottles, or coins that you can tip or throw to lure the bad guys away from you or their posts.


The graphics are pretty nice. The game spec's call for a 1G PIII system, but it runs pretty smooth on my work PIII-733C machine with only 196M (min is 256). I'll be the first to admit that running a game under spec's is not something I normally do, and I can't complain if the game doesn't run as smoothly as it should, but this time, they went a little overbaord on the minimum requirements. I've only experenced a little pausing, mostly after loading a level or something that is data intensive, which is great for a game like this. It's always hard to target people when you're running a slide show, but here, it's pretty good. Everything is nicely detailed and mostly pretty realistic considering it isn't a photo realistic game.


The interface is pretty simply, mostly mouse and arrow keys, with a few other customizable keys thrown in. Everything is laid out pretty good considering the lack of thought in some of the receint games.

Multiplayer (if any):

Multiplayer is pretty fun, it's based off of the missions, although it's not the full missions so that you can play co-op through missions. Same fun action as single player mode.


All in all this is a pretty fun game. It can be hard and frustrating at times (only 1 mission has made me play it over and over) but it has some unique items that make it a fun game. I have to admit that I'm only up to chapter 7 so far but it's a game that will have me playing until I finish it.

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