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Friday, May 30, 2003 by TheDoc

Overall: 4
Graphics: 4
Interface: 4
Multiplayer: 4
Mars, 2044. The UN establishes MARSCORP (Martian Security and Economics Committee) under the leadership of Samuel Longwood. In the years that follow, the UN gradually loses control of MARSCORP, mainly due to the non-transparent licence policy of its director.

Samuel Longwood uses his autonomous status to create vassal relations between the corporations and MARSCORP. The unshakable power position of MARSCORP is supported by the companies and thus they acquire additional rights and licenses. Samuel Longwood and his consortium become extremely wealthy from this arrangement. However, dissenting voices in MARSCORP begin to challenge Samuel Longwood's authoritarian policy.

They demand the dismissal of Samuel Longwood as director and a complete redistribution of the mining rights.

But Samuel Longwood keeps an ace up his sleeve for occasions like this...

While I do not usually review games that are still a work in progress, I felt obligated to out some information about this cool new game.

The single player demo is freely available here and the multiplayer demo is currently in closed 'community' beta (about 200 or so members in which I was lucky enough to get into).

The game was first seen at E3, where Caspian, DaveChode and I were able to play, and which, might I add, kick some serious JoWood butt. Davechode scored a 20-8 win over one of their guys, and would have like a 20-5 win had he not started to try to only knife the guy to win.


The graphics are pretty good in both single and multiplayer. While playing the SP demo, I was impressed by the various lightening effects they had. There were some holographic signs that looked pretty realistic when you walked through them as well as the general appearence of the game and locations throughout the game.


Interface is pretty typical of and FPS. General keyboard and mouse combo. Keys are all setup pretty typical as well, using the W,S,A,D combo, as well as a few other general keys for light amp, zooming, etc. The only thing that was strange is that they had reload mapped to mouse3, which might cause some problems if you don't have one (also it didn't seem to work on my mouse3 button). Once I remapped to 'R' everything was fine.

Multiplayer (if any):

Multiplayer is pretty fun, much of what you would expect for any FPS game really. The three of us (mentioned above) probably spent more time at this booth than any, all three taking turns playing the game (all three pretty much kicking butt at it too). I have to say it's pretty typical of todays FPS multiplayer games, although it's pretty fast paced, and uses some of the real life weapons (M-16, grenades, etc).


As I said, I already like this game. I was getting into playing the single player demo, and it ended all too shortly for me (although honestly, they did provide a lot of content for a SP demo). It left me wanting to play more. For a SP game, I think it will do great. As a MP game, it will hold it's own, however it might be better depending on the maps. We were only able to play on one map at E3, which was pretty small (duh, don't want people running around for hours trying to find each other), but with the other maps, it might make for some mutliplayer madness.

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