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Will Rock

Monday, July 28, 2003 by TheDoc

Will Rock
Overall: 4
Graphics: 5
Interface: 4
Multiplayer: 4
The game starts out with the basic story plot, but in a rather cartoonie way. It's more of a comic book style depiction of the things that take place. After the story is set, you start out with the typical FPS view. The game starts out with a good sounding premise, Zeus and the other gods have been locked up by the enemy for thousands of years and you have now figured out how to unlock the magic seal. Now you've unleashed the wrath of a God that's been locked up for a very long time, and now wishes to take out his ill-will on humanity. However, you happen to shoot a statue of Prometheus who was made to stand guard of Zeus against his will, so he decides to give you his abilities to combat Zeus. Enter the new and improved Will Rock!

The game takes you back to Lost Olympus, and ancient Rome. You will do battle against everything from skeletons, lions and tigers, centaurs and minotaurs, harpies, cupid to atlas and cerebrus and even cylops and Zeus himself.


The graphics to the game are pretty good, which is pretty much the standard these days for a FPS game. On the 'low' high detail, I still get plenty fast frame rates, with no real pausing. Even upping the quality, it still runs pretty smoothly and is quite playable in single player, however, if you were playing multiplayer, you might want to lower is just a little, so that you don't give your opponent a slight advantage if some video slowdown. All in all, it's a pretty nice looking game.


The interface is your standard FPS type game interface. Mostly the W-A-S-D keys, with the mouse control and fire. There are a few other keyboard keys you use, for things like the 'Titan' time (read: Bullet time ala Max Payne or Matrix), Invulnerability, and Quad damage. All 3 have a limited time life, so you get like, 30 seconds of being invulnerable or 30 seconds of Quad damage.

Multiplayer (if any):

While I haven't played any multiplayer yet, it is in there and if it's as fun as the single player game, it should be a pretty fun multiplayer game as well.


I hate to compare one game to another, but with this one I felt compelled to. Basically, the game's look and feel is that of Serious Sam. It's a fast paced game, that throws plenty of monsters at you, with a few puzzles to get to the next part of the level game. Actually, if there were to make a Serious Sam 3, and put the setting in the Roman times, this would be that very game. Now that being said, I actually liked the Serious Sam games, and I enjoy this game as well. There have been some ups and downs with the game, such as it kept locking up on me making this god awful noise, forcing me to reset my machine (and this was Windows 2000). This happened twice before I decided to look for a patch. After getting the patch and installing it, the patch seems to have addressed that issue, and I haven't had it happen again. The game does incorporate some cool things that resulted in making me actually jump once or twice. Opening that door and semi-expecting nothing to be there, only to have something jump out at you and start attacking you can make you do that.

All-in-all, the game is pretty fun and can be pretty hard, and with the exception of the lockup problems, which were fixed by the patch, I am enjoying the game.

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