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Comment #1 || [10/24/2003 12:44:50 PM] - Posted by Helly
Does it have those annoying, useless, jumping puzzles?

Comment #2 || [11/5/2003 10:52:19 AM] - Posted by Knoxville
Nope. Just those annoying Puzzles where if you jump wrong, you fall into a bottomless pit.

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Jedi Academy

Thursday, October 23, 2003 by Gymna

Jedi Academy
Overall: 5
Graphics: 4
Interface: 5
Multiplayer: 5
There comes a time in everyone's life where they start to question their ability to use the force. This is your time. If you have what it takes to wield a light saber, then maybe you should start thinking about becoming a Jedi Knight, or even starting your own cooking show. But since you’re reading this, you’ve probably decided on the former. So you’ve crashed onto the planet’s surface and you need to either get help, or find your way to the Jedi Academy. Since you only really know how to swing your glowing toy around, all you can do is beat up random forest creatures, and then proceed to get your butt kicked in a short cgi movie. Now the plot is set for you to go after some Dark Jedi and leftover Imperial forces. You’ll soon learn that the game is set up in a more relaxed sense than its predecessors. You can pick which mission you want to go on from a list of missions, and can complete each one (which I suggest you do).


While the graphics are nicely improved from Jedi Knight 2, I couldn’t find it in my heart to give it a 5. I think there could have been some better improvements on the modeling by now, or maybe I’m just being picky. The use of fog in order to keep your rspeeds down significantly helped my 3 year old computer make it through the entire game without ever having to chug. The 3 main improvements I could see that caught my eye were: improved faces on the character models, improved use of lighting, and much better saber graphics. All in all this game is definitely filled with some eye candy that you’ll just have to see to believe.


I simply love this interface. Everything is customizable so that you can bind anything you’ll ever need close enough for one hand to use. You are also allowed to change the view from 1st person view to 3rd person view depending on your choice of game play. I personally liked 1st person for guns and 3rd person for light saber. The only beef I did have with the interface was that my combos did not always like to work. But then again I don’t play many fighting games so my combo skills are not anything special. I’m sure plenty of you will be able to find all kinds of secret moves that you’ll use to severely own your opponents.

Multiplayer (if any):

This is basically Jedi Knight 2 on steroids. The improved moves, saber styles, and graphics make battles both entertaining and incredibly difficult. Watch out for getting knocked down and double stabbed by a dual wielder or a strong swing by a double sided saber user. If you’re quick with your fingers, and a quick thinker, then you just might be able to go toe to toe with someone in a saber battle. As for saber lock, just click as fast as you can and pray that you overpower your opponent. Get out there, enjoy capture the flag, death match, and whatever other mods that float your boat. But don’t forget your force powers, because those will ensure you can stop some of those harder saber specialists by catching them off guard(push them off a cliff!).


I basically found the single player to be one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve had in a while. If you’re looking for a fun first person shooter, or third person slash em up, then this is the game for you. Also be prepared to use your brain because some of the puzzles in this game are not as easy to figure out as in the 2 previous games. Why are you still reading this? Go get this game!

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