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Priston Tale

Sunday, December 07, 2003 by Gymna

Priston Tale
Overall: 5
Graphics: 3
Interface: 5
Multiplayer: 5
Priston Tale starts you off in either Ricarten or Phillai, one of the two races located in its realm. If you chose to be a Tempskron, you’ll start off in Ricarten as 1 of 4 classes: Mechanician, Fighter, Pikeman, or Archer. If you chose to be a Morion, you’ll start off in Phillai as another 1 of 4 classes: Knight, Atalanta, Priestess, or Magician. Tempskrons tend to be skilled fighters where Morions tend to be skilled magic users. You’ll start off naked and alone, venturing off into the wild to pound enemies with your fists. As you progress, you’ll gain money to trade for items, which will make you more powerful, and more respected within your respective tribe. Further down the line you’ll enter parties where groups of players can work together to gain experience, find better items, and complete quests. At level 20 you can do a rank up quest to unlock more powerful skills and spells to better help you navigate yourself through the Priston Tale continent. However, like any mmorpg, you’ll learn that many items are rare, and you too will have to do your part in providing others with new weapons, armor, and other gear in exchange for the item that you desire so much.


After venturing around a couple mmorpgs, I really did find Priston Tale to be the only one that was not an eyesore. Many mmorpgs work so hard on game play that their graphics look just plain crude. This is not the case with Priston Tale. Since the world is so large, the maps tend to be not overly complicated in order to make the world easy to navigate and not hard on your processor power. The monsters in the game start off quite simplistic, and as you progress, grow into more difficult and much more interesting looking creations. Also the items grow in both size and graphic quality the further you move through the game. All in all, the graphics are definitely above par for a mmorpg and this game is definitely one to check out if you choose your games on how they look.


Simple. That’s the easiest way to describe the interface. The number keys use your potions, the function keys can be bound to specific skills/spells, w changed your weapon configuration, enter allows you to talk to other players, and the left/right mouse buttons use your weapons/skills and move you around the map. You can learn the configuration in less than a minute. And if you are not keyboard inclined, everything you need to do can be done with the mouse. Most mmorpgs have ridiculous numbers of text commands that you need to learn to survive. Priston Tale however, does not. There are only 2 text commands that I ever use, and that I actually believe exist.

Multiplayer (if any):

It’s all multiplayer. While there are numerous numbers of immature people out and about in the mmorpg world, the best way to avoid them is to find a couple of nice people and party with them through a decent amount of the game. I’ve changed party groups several times, and have learned to avoid more notorious lamers. You’ll find the game a lot more entertaining though when you find a group of classy people.


That basically sums up Priston Tale. It’s currently in beta which means it’s free until they decide to officially release it and turn it into the classic pay to play game. This game, if released soon, I believe will be something that I would actually pay to play. But if this game delays too long until some other heavy hitters are released, I might have to make a choice as to which one I’ll hang on to. As for now, I’ll keep hanging on Priston Tale, because it has been quite captivating.

You can get more info, as well as download it, HERE.

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