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DeltaForce 2

Saturday, January 01, 2000 by TheDoc

Overall: 3
Graphics: 3
Interface: 3
The game is kind of fun, but I'm into the sniper type games (and this game deals with it in vast amounts) ... It's pretty much choose your target from a safe distance and pick them off...It's not too hard until you get a lot of them firing at you at once, all the time trying to pick them off, while trying to choose a stationary target with a jerky scope. It's fun and a pain in the ass at the same time.


The graphics in the game are done well, sort of. Novalogic still insists on using the Voxel stuff, which makes things look blocky... You can't really make out targets at a long (or even short) range except when it moves or fires at you. It's pretty middle of the road for todays games... I would say it would be a better game if it was done with 3dfx or D3D or something like that...


Control is somewhat jerky. I feel like I'm trying to play quake 2 on my old dx4/100 ... It's like trying to move the mouse a little at a time to make sure that you don't over correct for a movement... I don't feel too bad, because when gamespot reviewed it, they did it on a P2-450 and they said it was jerky also. So I take it it's a given in the game. You can get use to it, and you tend to have to get use to it fast because you life depends on it...

Multiplayer (if any):



It's not a bad game if they'd get rid of the voxel stuff and use something like 3dfx... I liked the game, but had one major problem with it... After playing the game, my computer decided to lock up (this happened like 3 times)... I'm not sure why it did that, but it did.

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