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Comment #1 || [3/22/2004 2:22:41 PM] - Posted by Goner
The Demo alone is outstanding. The demo map for the Onslaught mode hasn't gotten old yet and I've been playing it for a week now!!

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Unreal Tournament 2004

Saturday, March 20, 2004 by SpartaChris

Unreal Tournament 2004
Overall: 5
Graphics: 5
Interface: 4
Multiplayer: 5
Raising the bar on FPS action games, Atari certainly has a winner with Unreal Tournament 2004. Featuring all of the fan favorite modes to play and adding a brand new Onslaught gameplay mode, it is tough to decide which to start out with. Also added into Unreal Tournament 2004 are newer weapons, larger maps, and even better, some awesome vehicles to cover those maps with!


The Unreal Tournament games are known for having some truly amazing graphics. Unreal Tournament 2004 is absolutely no exception, bringing about amazing detailed features with the characters, landscapes and vehicles. One of my favorite aspects about the graphics was the little details, such as the license plate of the vehicles changing to match your character name. The smoke trail from an Avril Rocket is also amazing.


The menu interface is pretty simple point and click. Not really a whole lot to describe here. Character movements are your basic WASD keys. You can change your movement and use keys to something else in the GUI with no difficulty. The game does give you the option of using a joy stick, but I found it to be much easier if I simply stuck with the keyboard, even with the flying vehicles.

Multiplayer (if any):

Since most people are already familiar with the older gameplay modes, and it would take me much longer to review every gameplay mode included in this release, I am going to review the newest and my favorite gameplay mode for Unreal Tournament 2004; Onslaught. In Onslaught mode, your team has an objective of eliminating the other team’s base. Though it might sound pretty simple, here’s the catch: Your base must be linked to the other base before you can destroy it. Throughout the maps are different power nodes that your team must control. Controlling each powernode connects you to the next. When you have control of enough nodes, you are free to attack the opposing base. Controlling the powernodes isn’t as simple as it might sound. Each powernode can be taken back by the opposition. They can also be repaired otherwise you will lose your link to that powernode if the other team destroys one of yours. You can also use your use key to transport from powernode to powernode, provided the powernode you wish to transfer to isn’t under attack.


This is by far one of the most fun multiplayer games I have ever played. It is graphically gorgeous, full of intense action, and offers gameplay on par with some of the most popular multiplayer games around to date. The intensity increases dramatically with the addition of vehicles and the new Onslaught gameplay mode. Even playing in single player mode won’t bore you as there are a lot of fresh new maps, new weapons and as stated many times before, vehicles! Casual gamers and die hards alike are sure to enjoy this release. My biggest complaint with UT2K4 is the size. Consisting of over 4 gigs, not only will it eat up hard drive space, but you have 6 CD’s to worry about. For people who are scarce on hard drive space as I am, this will be an issue. But I think finding the room is well worth it.

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