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Serious Sam 2

Monday, October 24, 2005 by TheDoc

Serious Sam 2
Overall: 4
Graphics: 4
Interface: 3
Multiplayer: 3
Serious Sam is back, and so is the Croteam with another fresh new installment of some serious action. Three aliens need you to find 5 pieces of an ancient item so that the bad guy (Mental) wont find it first and destroy everything. This sends you to five very different locations to get each of the five pieces, each inhabited by a different race. There are 7 unique environments, such as jungles, swamps, frozen tundra, futuristic cities, volcano planets, etc. There you must battle your way through wave after wave after wave of enemies until you reach the end boss, who you must kill to get the magic piece before it falls into the wrong hands. Although the game says there are 45 new enemy types, it still features some of the guys you've come to love in previous games, such as the rhino's, harpies, as the loved, beheaded kamikaze's (the guys with the bombs for heads). There are also several rather unique new creatures. A football player for instance, who throws fireball footballs at you, Marcel the Clown, who throws explosive cakes at you, and the great play on words bad guy, Onan the Librarian, the huge axe wielding guy.

You also get 'rides' in the game. You can jump into UFO's, helocopters, hovercraft, spaceships, even in giant HAM-Z-rr314 Rollerballs (giant hamsterball with spikes), and you can even ride a raptor. Each vehicle has it's unique weapons, strengths as well as weaknesses.


The game features a newly designed Serious 2 engine with new graphics, environments and physics claimed to be 100 times more complex than previous Serious Sam games. Even with this claim however, I can't say that I honestly saw that much improvement in the game graphics and quality. Keep in mind that the environments are pretty good looking, and the game is on par with any of the other newer games out today, however, it's nothing more than todays average. The water is pretty, the sky is pretty, the ground textures however, left a little to be desired. All-in-all it still is a very nice looking game visually.


Nowadays the interface category is pretty much moot, unless they decide to go screwy with the controls of a game. This one is pretty much like every other FPS, the arrow or WASD keys to move, various other keys to manipulate surroundings, jump, crouch, etc. They went with the standard here.

Multiplayer (if any):

While I haven't played multiplayer yet, it says that you're able to play online, and I would imagine there's a co-op mode and a CTF or PvP mode there as well. I would imagine with the amount of monsters they throw at you, the co-op would be the most fun, however, I can see this taking over for the long forgotten and most loved Duke Nukem of long ago, with the attitude and levels.


As you can probably see from the screenshots, I have to admit that to play through the game for the review, I ended up having to cheat. While a vet of previous Serious Sam games, I must say that even on normal mode (there are 5 modes, from baby, to serious hardcore) this game is freaking hard! It will take some (no pun intended) serious time to beat the game even on normal difficulty. I think however that they over compensated by not making it harder, but by merely throwing two, three or four times as many enemies at you than previous games. I give the game credit for new ideas, and the wacky sense of humor (ala DN) but you do get the feeling they just tried to make up for short comings by adding more things thrown at you. On more than one level, they have some references to Duke Nukem Forever, with things like dialogue saying that it won't take him (Sam) *Forever* to do something, and even a dead body hanging from a branch, along with his clothes and some weapons, and references to a blonde haired *Duke*... I guess that even CroTeam is making fun of the fact that DNF will probably stand not for Duke Nukem Forever, but Did Not Finish... All-in-all it's a fun game if you like FPS games.

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