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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Friday, November 18, 2005 by TheDoc

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Overall: 1
Graphics: 3
Interface: 1
Multiplayer: 1
Yet another installment into this series, however, EA seriously dropped the ball on this one. The others have been playable, even fun for a kids game, however, this one seems to be a direct port from the console. You basically play through what I expect is the movie (not being out yet, I can't say for sure) where you do the usual, look for Voldemort, pass challenges, get cards (they now increase your stats as well), collect beans, etc.


The graphics are up to the usual par for this type of game. They aren't bad considering the other FPS games out there with much better graphics. They make nice use of the spell effects mostly. All of the other graphics are pretty standard however. The movies are nice touches, and usually part of a slideshow from the actual movie to mini cuts from the movie.

Personally, I had a heck of a time even getting this game to work right. I'm using a pretty standard Geforce FX 5500 and pretty much all games play fine, but this one refused to work right. When I first tried it, I had such flickering that if I was even partially epileptic I would never recover. It was like watching a strobe light.

Nothing I did seemed to fix it, and once again, EA's website is more than useless. Well, I can't say that, that would mean that it has a use. It's beyond useless, it was utterly useless. So, playing with settings, nothing seemed to work until I took off Nvidia's AA settings from application controlled to off. That enabled me to play a little farther. Now, instead of the whole screen (except for the words and such) flickering badly, the screen was fine, but now the words and overlays flickered badly, and it was prone to locking up.


The interface is horrible. Let me repeat that, it is horrible. That's actually putting it nicely. I don't know what they were thinking when they simply did a direct port. If you've ever played a console game, you'll know that they aren't bad when you are using a D-Pad or something other than the up, down, left and right arrows however, trying to play a PC game when half of the movement is at an angle, or another direction than up, down, left and right is pretty dumb. Also, when you're facing one direction, your movement is based on that direction. So if you are facing 'down' then try to move left be pressing the left key, you'll move right. This is horrible for a PC game.

Multiplayer (if any):

I think there's some form of multiplayer in the game (co-op play actually) however, the game was frustrating enough, I'd rather not make someone else suffer through it as well...


It's a good sneak peak into the new movie, other than that, this game utterly sucks. If you've played any of the others, and expect the same gameplay, forget it. Pass on this one unless you are a diehard fan and have to play anything Harry Potter.

I honestly couldn't finish the game with all of the video issues I've had, and EA's website, and EA's support is probably the worst in the gaming industry. The website is useless, and the techs there, when emailed, give you nothing but canned answers (usually the same stuff you've already tried) and are of little or no help. The only support I've found worse is THQ's... And that's not saying much.

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