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Dungeon Keeper II

Saturday, January 01, 2000 by Pyro

Overall: 4
Graphics: 4
Interface: 4
Multiplayer: 4
Dungeon Keeper II continues on the legacy of Dungeon Keeper. If you enjoyed Dungeon Keeper, you will love Dungeon Keeper II. This game will draw you in, and before you know it, hours have flown by. I sat down for a few minutes to check this game out, and next thing I knew, it was late in the evening.


The graphics and gameplay are improved over the first game. Gameplay is very easy, pretty much point and click. The nice thing is that even if you haven't played the first one, this game walks you through the various aspects of the game and trains you on the fly. It explains itself as you go, and introduces you to every character as they apear, and explains what they can do for you, and what it takes to make them a happy and productive member of your dungeon. Everything you need to make your dungeon grow is either readily at hand, or can be discovered, or built as your dungeon grows. The graphics are awesome (3DFX Baby!), especially if you possess one of your creatures, and walk around exploring your dungeon through their eyes. This is a cool effect, and is actually useful, and needed in several levels in order to complete certain tasks.



Multiplayer (if any):



All in all a great game to add to your collection, and a great way to waste a few hours..errr make that a few days. BullFrog has done an awesome job on this one!

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