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Saturday, January 01, 2000 by Pyro

Overall: 4
Graphics: 4
Interface: 4
Multiplayer: 4
The basic premise of the game is you are the driver of a getaway car. Sounds easy doesn't it? Not so! Once you pass a simple driving test that puts the car through it's paces, you enter a whole new world. Your first mission is to get to a bank and pick up the bank robbers and drop them off at a designated area. Sounds pretty easy! What makes it interesting is that you have to arrive at the bank at the right time (can't get there too early, and obviously, you don't want to be late!), which requires some fancy driving. You don't want to go too fast, or you alert the police, and if you go too slow, you'll never make it on time! Some disappointing "features". The cops are a tad overzealous. Their cars by far overpower yours, and they can run you down, but sometimes in their haste to catch you, they make stupid moves such as crashing into barriers and other cars on the road. I have had 3-4 police cars smashing me into the wall at the same time. While they did do a good job with the physics of the cars, your car sure seems to like to flip over on it's back a little too easily. You should be able to make corrections if your car is starting to flip onto it's side to regain control and right the vehicle. No such luck. Not only that, if a police car catches up to you, he keeps tapping your car, adding damage at a alarming rate. I actually ran into a couple of bugs! I got hit so hard by a cop that my car was thrown into the air, and I landed on top of a building! I was able to drive on top of the buildings avoiding the cops. Of course when I finally drove off the edge, my car merrily rolled over on it's back and played dead all the way down to the ground! Another strange bug: I got hit so hard, again by an overzealous cop, that I got smacked outside the playing field. It was sort of like the effect you get when you use the no-clipping mode on Quake II. I was able to see the whole "world". Very strange! Only way out of that was to drive off the edge of the world, totalling my car.


3DFX! Well done graphics! Even with full detail on, this game is fluid on my Celeron 400 with a VooDoo 3 3000


The interface is very easy and the contols are simple. Very easy to re-map the keys to anywhere you want. Support is there for force feedback. I had a hard time getting my Wingman Warrior to work with this game. It wouldn't map the buttons correctly for some strange reason, so I just stick to keyboard control. While the controls are easy, it sometimes gets hard to compensate for the mushyness of the suspension. The back of the car tends to be heavy, and overstear alot, and you find yourself sliding out of control alot at high speeds. Nothing that a lot of gas/brake control can't fix though!

Multiplayer (if any):



While the sound is good, I wish there was a way to turn up the voices (no, not the voices in my head..they are loud enough thank you very much!). Mainly it's the police radio, not real important, but would be a nice touch if you could adjust the volume.
Except for the nasty bugs I ran into, this is a very cool driving game!

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