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Saturday, January 01, 2000 by Shamino

When I first heard this title it made me think of the old stand up Eliminators out in the arcade back when I was in Jr. High school. You know, the one with the two joysticks and you drove around in futuristic tanks killing everything in your path and picking up powerups. If you had a buddy with you, you could even play at the same time. Yes they actually had multiplayer back then and it wasn't Gauntlet !!! heh. I loved that game. This Eliminators makes me think of the arcade stand up only from a first person view (actually you can switch your view to 3rd person if you want)


I found the graphics to be appealing at first but after about 5 minutes of play I realized it was all fluff. Again, someone has created a 3dfx game with no real meat to it. The software industry needs to step up and realize that just because the 3DFX logo in on the box doesn't mean they are going to sell mass copies of a game. The texuturing was poor and while framerate was high, what's the point when it doesn't really look that good?


I found the controls to be a bit touchy and too quick. Not alot of control going on and things moved to fast. Is this intended? Or was my PII just too good for this game ? I dunno.

Multiplayer (if any):



Honestly, I didn't stick around to long to really figure it out. You move around (rather quickly) and find yourself in another section of the "map" and you can't get back to where you started. I believe the object was to destroy everything in each level before moving on but again, I didn't play it long enough to find out.

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