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F-16 Aggressor

Saturday, January 01, 2000 by Shamino

Overall: 4
Graphics: 4
Interface: 4
Multiplayer: 4
Yet another flying game for you fanatics who can't get enough of them. F-16 Aggressor brings something to the gaming industry that games like Falcon do not. Simplicity. One of the few problems with Falcon was how difficult the game was to the "average gamer". I would like to think that I'm more of the "above average" breed and I actually found Falcon to be a bit difficult. Well F-16 Aggressor kinda brings it back home. Instant Action is really Instant Action. Hit the button, arm your plane, choose if you want to start out in flight or get the rush of the runway, and away you go. Simple.


Here is where F-16 tended to fall behind a bit. Graphics were decent and quick with no lag on the Voodoo II and actually had a little bit of lag on the TNT at 1024 x 768. I felt the graphics were a bit plain. While your F-16 is highly detailed, enemy units were not. Mostly a plain gray for the MiGs. Airfields tended towards the plain side but were so easy to spot from high altitude since there was nothing else to look at. One last gripe. The fog. Oh man, gimme a break with the cloud line already. The haze was a real pain in the ass to look through and it seemed like you were always in it no matter what altitude you were at.


Controls were good. I noticed that while in flight and looking at the "outside" views that the plane looked very realistic. That right there is enough to make me play the game. Anything that looks that good while doing a barrel roll.... well, you get my meaning. Only gripe here was when I was in "cockpit" view. When you are turning one direction and wanted to climb or descend the controls seemed to want to take you either horizontal or vertical. Never both at the same time. Could just be my cheap joystick though.

Multiplayer (if any):



I didn't feel they did a very good job with the sounds. I found them appealing but out of place. You can hear an enemy mig soaring past you when they are still a good ways out but yet I couldnt really tell the velocity of my own engines no matter what my throttle was at. Probably some sound controls in there to tweak but it seemed a bit wierd that they would default this way. Definantly worth playing again. Can't wait to try the multiplayer out. Never got to into multiplayer Falcon due to the difficulty in getting everyone on the LaN up to snuff on the controls. F-16 Aggressor should supply you and your friends with enough ease and comfort to get 5 or 6 people up in the air shooting each other down with little problems. If you don't get on a LaN, then this is a good game to jump in a fast action fighter and shoot down some bad guys.

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