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F22 Lightning 3

Saturday, January 01, 2000 by Shamino

Overall: 3
Graphics: 3
Interface: 3
Multiplayer: 3
Yet another installment to the F22 Series. Don't get me wrong. I love simulators. I really do. But when is someone going to release a good one? Back in the old days of simulators, technology was accelerating so quickly that each game that came out was way better the one before. These days new games appear to just be revamped versions of the older game. This is dissappointing at best. To go to the store and pay 50 dollars for something that looks great as a screenshot on the back of the box but when you install it and play it, after a few minutes of game play you realized you've been duped. Ok, I'm done ranting, so let's get on with the review. This simulator basically has all of the characterstics of any other game of its kind. You have your missions, your "instant action" mode, your dogfighting, and most importantly, your training. Training sessions were done in the usual typical fashion with the first mission placing you on the runway and an "instructor" telling you what to do. Voices are real clear and descriptive of what needs to be done BUT he tends to talk a bit too much. I found myself in the air and circling the airport a couple of times before he was finally done telling me how to take off. It's great that they including such a descriptive tutorial (because if they didn't I would bash this game worse) but they could at least make the person interesting I suppose.


They sure could have done a better job here. Obviously it ran great on my 333/Voodoo 3 combo because they didn't make the game the least bit challenging to my accelerated card. I found the terrain to be boring and sorta fuzzy without really showing any detail. Anything on the terrain pretty much looked the same. If you ever have flown in an airplane and seen what the ground looks like then you know that you can at least tell what certain things are even though they might be specks.


Controls are good. Being an "experienced" gamer, I was up and running in the air and moving on to bigger and better missions the minute I had all of the key commands down.

Multiplayer (if any):

Didn't even want to try it. If you want a good multiplayer simulator, go play WWII Fighters.


Pretty straight foward. Pick a mission such as dogfighting or a campaign and fight a fictional war by single handedly bombing the hell out of everyone and shooting down every plane in the known world. Obviously I didn't like this game very much. I was always a big simulator geek before I got into Quake and sometimes I like to return to the flying games but I will be forever lost to the genre of games until they come back with something better than what they are producing nowadays.

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