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Battlezone II

Saturday, January 01, 2000 by Shamino

Overall: 4
Graphics: 4
Interface: 4
Multiplayer: 4
I absolutely loved the remake of Battlezone. I recall checking out the demo and thinking "Wow, what a great idea!" To take the Battlezone of green and black graphics from the old days and convert it into a real game using 3DFX.Sweet. I played the heck out of it.
Though not really having anything to do with Old School Battlezone, the remake had a somewhat decent plot. U.S. Vs. Russia. We could reach outer space and moons and planets, thus we could wage war there as well. Primarily your goal was to beat the "bad guys" to the technology and precious metal that was fast becoming the building block of the military.It's been awhile so stay with me.
So after beating the first remake now you are presented with the sequel. What new things will they offer us? New missions maybe? New weapons? Well, yes...and...no. Mostly what I got out of Battlezone II was the fact that it took my Voodoo 3 and just rocked my screen. With few new weapons to speak of (though there is a new laser that kicks ass) mostly what they did was spruce up the old. Personally I am not as disappointed in this lack of something new as some may think.
So on to the new plot. Ok, let's keep it easy. Russian and U.S. forces have joined up for the common good only to find out that "something else is out there" and now you have been elected kick alien butt. (Sound famaliar?) =)


Totally bitch'n d00d! Heh. Sorry had to do it. This game just looks out of sight. One of the more recent missions I am in just has the most awesome sky lighting and it moves quick. I don't know if the atmosphere on other planets would really look like this but who cares, it looks good. =)


All keys are remappable to whatever you desire. By giving us this feature I was able to set up a keyboard and mouse combo to make me the most effecient that I could possibly be. It doesn't get any better honestly since not all games give you these features. If anything there is TOO much to remap or memorize since the game offers alot of different things to do while in play.

Multiplayer (if any):

I can't even get this to work. I don't know if it's my "firewall" giving me issues or what. I read a brief statement on the home page stating some patches would be released but I haven't really gotten into that yet but it seems that they have at least had some issues to deal with.


A rule that most gamerz have probably learned to live by: Sequels are not always better. While the game IS better than it's predecessor, it's really only better in the graphics department. A good way to put it might be that this game is just like the first, only with awesome graphics and a new plot.

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