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GP 500

Saturday, January 01, 2000 by TheDoc

Overall: 3
Graphics: 3
Interface: 3
The gameplay is simply, race your motorcycle and try to win the race. I didn't spend alot of time of this one as the controls were a little hard and after crashing every 1000 feet, it gets frustrating. While that being said, the game would be a cool one if you could get it to be a little less hard to control.


The graphics are good. In and out of the game, they are nicely done. The bikes where you choose what you want to ride all look almost real, and all of the details (sponsors, etc) look good at the level of detail they provide there. You can see most of it all with clearity. The game play graphics are also well done, but they could have done better with the rider when you crash. He stays in sort of a bent up shape, like he's still riding the bike, even though he's sliding through the gravel at 60 mph...


The control is good, but you have to balance right and left turning, with right and left weight shifting. What happens is that you start to go around a corner, you not only have to turn, but you also have to lean. You end up either turning too much, or leaning too much, and the results are that you end up in the dirt (or gravel) ... I seemed to have crashed more than I was up, but I started to get use to the controls, but I gave up playing not too long after that for some other game. I think that someone with the patience to become practiced at the controls, and someone who likes racing games would like this one... It isn't a simply just hit/turn left and it goes left. You actually have to slow down, turn, lean and not go to slow or you will bite it...

Multiplayer (if any):



The sound wasn't up to par for me. It was a little tinny, and didn't sound much like a motorcycle when I was crashing around the track. It was a high pitched whine, but it didn't match anything I've heard at all the races I've been at and seen on TV ...

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