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Grand Prix Legends

Saturday, January 01, 2000 by Pyro

Overall: 4
Graphics: 4
Interface: 4
Multiplayer: 4
From an old school point of view, this game flat out rules! Step back in time and race the old 60's Indycars. The graphics are awesome (3DFX supported), but looked a little cartoonish on certain tracks, and the crowd looked a tad flat. The sound amazed me! You could actually hear the gearbox chuck when you changed gears. Tires Screeching, Engines Revving.
Gameplay takes a bit to get used to, especially if your used to games such as Nascar, and all the other Indy racing sims out there. You can't just jump in your car and barrel around the track. Try it, and I guarantee you'll find yourself with the weight of your car resting on your head, upside down, looking at your AI opponents flying by you. These cars are pure horsepower, with none of those fancy, smancy saftey gear that we are used to today. No front or rear wings, so you can bet thet they get real squirley on the corners. They have done an excellant job on the physics in this game. It's very easy to blow your engine to bits in this game, even if you think your shifting early enough. As you shift, you will notice that the rpms jump a bit as the clutch is pushed in and the gear changed. Shift enough times at high rpms without letting the motor wind down, and you'll suddenly notice a loss of power, and a quick check of your mirrors will confirm your worst fears...smoke billowing out the back from a blown motor. Keep driving, and you'll continue to notice a sever power loss. (Rpms keep dropping, engine won't rev to max...major smoke at high rpms). One real nice feature is the ability to look off to the sides from the cockpit. This has been a needed addon for a long time! The wrecks are superb! The car will actually flip and tumble! Finally a realistic racing sim!
Only real problem I found was that you are able to get your car stuck in certain situations, with no way to get out. Only other bad thing is there is that ever present invisable wall! Why can't game makers take an example from Monster Truck Madness that allows you to roam off the track? All in all this is a must have game for racing fanatics like myself!





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