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Grand Theft Auto 2

Saturday, January 01, 2000 by Shamino

Overall: 3
Graphics: 3
Interface: 3
GTA 2 is basically the same game as the original. Two differences stand out. One, I no longer have a problem running the game in 3dfx as I did in the original. The second major difference. Well It's like a zoomed in version of GTA. You are also granted a few more weapons to play with and there seem to be a hell of a lot more cops around in this 2nd installment of GTA. Most of the missions, while different, are ultimately the same thing over and over. Go here, do this, kill this person, blow this up, get back, don't let the cops get ya, etc. Even though the graphics are as suped up as I thought they would be, the game is still somewhat addicting. The original GTA was addicting as well. I mean, how many hours did we play Deathmatch and Tag in the multiplayer modes ? Quite a bit if I recall.


3DFX but not eye poppin. Everything is smooth on my 500mhz/256mb/V3 combo. I found the details on the people to be pretty lacking but the buildings and cityscape was pretty cool.


I used the keyboard when checking this game out. Have yet to get into the game seriously to see if it would be beneficial to remap keys. How hard is it to drive a car around running people over ? :)

Multiplayer (if any):



Like I said, addicting. Something about this game just keeps you to it. Sure it gets boring sometimes but when you can't beat a certain level within such a "simple" looking enviroment, I think pride tends to make you want to beat the game just to show you can. Same game but still a cool concept. If they made a GTA 3 then I might say go for a new set up. But they did a good job riding on a past success. A good "mindless" game with moment's of frustration.

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