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Heroes of Might and Magic III

Saturday, January 01, 2000 by Shamino

Overall: 3
Graphics: 3
Interface: 3
Heroes of Might and Magic III was supposed to be one of the best games to come out this year. I've heard so much hype about this game that I figured I would check it out and jump into the series. Welp, I was wrong. I was terribly unimpressed with this game. I mean, who thinks of this concepts and why do they think they can make money? HMM3 is a "turnbased strategy" game in which you must.... uh, you know what I already forgot the plot. :) So since the plot didn't just leap out and bite me in the face, I'll review this game from the technical gaming side.


The graphics were pretty decent considering it's a turnbased game with the top down view. Much like Warlords III. Other than that, no originality to really speak of. I mean, how good can you make warcraft look ?


I had no problems with the interface. Took a few minutes to figure out what everything was. No rocket science degree needed here. Everything is point and click and buttons describe themselves as you place the cursor over them. Good job here. Didn't really pay much attention to the sounds or music for that matter. I guess the fact that the game wasn't what I was expecting kinda threw me off.

Multiplayer (if any):



Again, to make this short and sweet. Not knowing what to expect from this series but yet hearing it was gonna be the bomb.... well it was a bomb alright. I know a person or two who happens to be into this series and basically described it as the first two HofMM games. I know being critical of this game from my ignorant stand point is well, ignorant, but given the wide variety of games out there they really should have tried something new.

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