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Halflife Opposing Forces

Saturday, January 01, 2000 by Shamino

Overall: 5
Graphics: 5
Interface: 5
Multiplayer: 5
I'll start out by giving a brief run-down of the game Halflife in its original form. Based on the Quake engine, Halflife is a fully interactive first person shooter with plenty of action. The story itself is quite compelling and makes you really think you are part of the game.

You are Gordan Freeman, a scientist at a top secret Lab facility. While participating in an experiment things go dramatically wrong and creatures from another dimension start warping into the facility. Your goal naturally is to escape while taking a few bad guys with you. Unfortunately, the government has showed up in an effort to contain the problem and you have become one of their targets. Military personal as well as Black Ops personel are after you and it makes for quite a fight.

So now that I've explained the original story plot, I can move on to Opposing Force. The name says it all really. Rather than playing some weakling scientist, you are now part of the Opposing Force, and must face off against the same alien forms and Black Ops that Freeman did.

I've just about completed the game and have got to say that it's great how the writers scripted this storyline to parallel Gordan. In some ways, the puzzles are the same which is a bit of a disappointment. One of the best parts I found was coming to an area that looked famaliar in which I could only assume I had been there as Freeman before. So while you are looking around you realize that somethings aren't quite right but when you leave, you'll realize that YOU actually created the situation for Freeman BEFORE he got there. Or maybe it was after.... oh my god I'm so confused!!! A paradox!! :)

One more game option I like is how you can bring along help. Similiar to the original, in Opposing Force you now have military help. Their AI is not perfect but certainly some of the best I have seen in a FPS.


The graphics are par with the original Halflife. I have had some clipping errors with my Voodoo 3 and am not sure if it is driver version related or not. For the most part though, everything looks great. After playing games like Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament though, the Quake/Halflife engine is ready to be retired.


Controls are perfect. If you have a standard FPS setup you prefer, just use those normal settings and go with it. Newbies will need to learn their own set up of course but should have little trouble.

Multiplayer (if any):



Rather than kill you with puzzles that can take up to an hour to solve, this game puts you in scenarios you need to get out of. Example: You walk into a "room" and there is a bad guy shooting at you from behind a shield. How do you get to him, eliminate him, make sure your buddies don't get themselves killed, take out that alien that just surprised you from behind, and damnit, there is another Black Op guy when you round the corner and think you are all safe and cozy.

I find myself replaying scenarios until I am satisfied that I got through it with the maximum amount of health that I can or at least have a satisfactory outcome. Doing this takes some time but if you save at the right moments you can quickly return to the moment of truth and try for a better outcome. I loved it. It's quite hard to stay attached to a single player game much less a First Person Shooter. With so many FPS's out there you really need to find one that stands out from the rest. Halflife and Opposing Force BOTH do that for me. I hope that the developers continue the storyline in some form of fashion so that we can continue to play such quality games.

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