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Saturday, January 01, 2000 by Shamino

Overall: 5
Graphics: 5
Interface: 5
Multiplayer: 5
Finally a game comes along that replaces the old 2D Top-Down boring old strategy games. I watched the development of this game more than most since I had first heard about it through a friend. I figured their ideas were good but would they really make good on their promises. I was pleasantly surprised when this game was released at all. I was astounded when I actually ran it for the first time. The 3D concept is awesome. I could not get enough of this game. There are a few complaints I could muster up for this game BUT the only real beef I have with this game was the sheer difficulty given to you throughout the game and most of all, in the end. To put it mildly, I am stuck. I cannot beat this game due to the overwhelming odds the developers have placed against you in the final level. I understand that this is the last stand. I understand that game is no fun if you beat it in an hour. But come on people, we need to at least have the ability to beat the game. I will not give details because I wish not to ruin the game for people BUT even after I acquired a "cheat" and built the Armada from hell, I am still unable to beat this game. So now I am left unsatisfied and can only play multiplayer to get my Homeworld "fix". 3D Real-Time Strategy. What more is there to say? Given the different interface this still is your typical strategy based game. You "harvest" resources in order to "build" your fleet. Use your fleet to beat the level and adversaries the game throws at you. Each level is different though and you are given different objectives but in the end you still need to kill everything off before you can advance.


Worked great with my Voodoo 3 UNTIL i built too much stuff. Get a really big battle going or zoom in and look at some damaged ships and you find your computer slowing WAY down. Quite a dissappointment considering I am running a Cel 400 with 256mb of ram and a V3. I mean, how much more should I need ? Other than that outer space has never looked better and ship models are very intricate and detailed. You can even change the colors of your fleet.


Get a 3 button mouse with a wheel. This is a must. I watched my friends try to play this game and didn't even realize the advantage I had till I saw someone without a wheel. There is much zooming and sliding of different camera angles and while it is easily explained in the "Training" part of the game, without the wheel you will find yourself handicapped. WITH the wheel I found the control easy and was able to pick up on it very quick. Laser fire and ship's engines are pretty much all you are going to hear in this game. All of it sounds good but not excellent. I found myself more drawn to the spooky music than anything. All of the music went quite well with the cutscenes and events within the game. Nicely done.

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