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Interstate 82

Saturday, January 01, 2000 by Spectre

Overall: 4
Graphics: 3
Interface: 4
Multiplayer: 4
I have to say this game is great. After playing Interstate 76 and getting drawn in to that story line I wondered what they could do to make their next game even better... I'll fill you in on the small story line that leads up to this game.

Interstate 76, This game takes place in the 70's. You are Groove Champion, a.k.a. "Swinger", and you are part of a small group of vigilanties that deal their justice through guns mounted on your car. You're goal is to avenge the death of your sister, "Vixen", who was killed by a "Creeper"

Interstate 82, This game takes place in the 80's but this time you are Taurus, a.k.a. "Stampede", (Grooves mentor and partner in Interstate 76). In the opening of this Groove is taken prisoner and you have to find them. A new character enters the story line. Skye, Grooves younger sister (who goes by the name of "Vixen" in honor of her dead sister.


The graphics in this game rock. Everything is done in more detail then I76 was. Things that I wouldn't think about being there is. For instance, the "For Sale" sign on a big glass window right before you drive through it. Also the cinematics are 10X better then I76. I do miss the big "fro" and gold ring Taurus had in I76, but this is the 80's now. Heheheh.


This one is a toughie. I played I76 with my CH Flightstick Pro and it made the game fun. Alas, my FSPro broke and I haven't found anywhere to buy a replacement. (think they stopped being made) So with me not being comfortable with any other joysticks I'm playing this game with my Gravis Gamepad Pro. Controls are very smooth and realistic. There are a lot of keys you have to remember, but once you start playing you won't have any problems.

Multiplayer (if any):



Awesome and very realistic. From driving through parking lots skidding around corners, to driving through a mall area. This game seems pretty real to me. (Except for your cars drive on water and don't sink.) This game has added a twist. Now you can jump out of your car and run around on foot with a pistol. Just don't get ran over! :) Overall I have to say this game is a must for everyone who enjoys challenges. You have to complete certain tasks before you move on to the next mission. Keep your friends alive while trying to stay alive yourself. From driving through the desert to Las Vegas it's an adventure you wouldn't want to pass up. This game definantly ranks up there on my "Favorite Games To Play" list.

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