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King's Quest VIII

Saturday, January 01, 2000 by Shamino

Overall: 4
Graphics: 4
Interface: 4
Being the big Ultima fan that I am, I was never able to get into other games such as KQ VIII. After looking at this game though, I can't but wonder if this is an attempt to try and break Ultima IX's goal of the highly graphical, 3rd person, interactive world concept before Origin releases it this year. (Summer1999) KQ VIII is pretty straightfoward. A mask is broken into fragments and hurled on to the unsuspecting world where everyone turns to stone except for you, the hero. Unfortunatly, all the bad guys are still alive and kicking and that's where you come in. Kill all the bad guys, find the pieces of the mask, and restore life back to your world.


I thought the graphics were pretty attractive. I went with the Voodoo II over the TNT simply because I think the foggyness really helps add realism. On another note, the intro to this game was pretty neato.


Combat is a nice combination of simplicity and realism. By no means is it complicated. I killed several creatures right when I got into the game. I'm sure it gets harder as I progress. Movement is pretty easy as well. Navigating through buildings and doorways gave me no trouble although I did run into a tree once when I wasn't paying attention. :)

Multiplayer (if any):



I found the game intriguing even though I do not know the KQ series storyline (if any). It is a game to set some time aside for naturally if you intend to get anywhere in it at all. I think most gamers will enjoy this one.

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