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Saturday, January 01, 2000 by TheDoc

Overall: 3
Graphics: 4
Interface: 3
This is a wierd game. It's part Anime part sierra game (side scrolling walker). While I didn't spend too much time playing this game, it was an ok game, but I could never really get into what was going on in the game. It has options in it that would give you help, but it cost points (which you get when you do something right)... It's alot of walking trying to figure out what to do next. Not really my type of game (although I usually like those type of games).


The game has some nice graphics, both ingame and in the cimematics (animation) are nicely done. The only gripe with the animations are that the voices stop long before the character does and you can't do anything until he stop talking (or rather, mouthing) ... It's kind of like a bad dubbing job. All in all though the game has nice graphics (about the best part of the game) ... Even the game itself has some nice graphics. While playing, when you move from one place to the other, it kind of swooshes by, which is a neat effect.


The controls are mostly the mouse, but you can actually move the character using the arrow keys. The mouse has basically 3 thing when you right click, the stats and help, your inventory and the game controls. Everything in done in these little wierd circles of rock. Nothing is really straight forward.

Multiplayer (if any):



Overall I didn't really like this game too much. It's not much fun and it's alot of search the screen for the mouse to change cursors. I'd say return it from the store you bought it from.

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