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Episode I: The Phantom Menace

Saturday, January 01, 2000 by Shamino

Overall: 4
Graphics: 5
Interface: 4
As always, a game simply has to have the Star Wars theme and I will be all over it. If you've seen the movie then you should have little problem with the game. The Phantom Menace game is pretty much based on the movie's events with a few exceptions in regards to extra quests here and there. You start out on the Viceroy's command ship (just like the movie) and have to battle your way out.


A very good job was done here. Running on the Voodoo 3 3000 I found everything to be very smooth. The glow of the light saber as well as other lighting effects are really well done here.


I have very few complaints for this game (because its Star Wars!!) but the controls are a little difficult to adjust to. I personally use the mouse for turning and movement as well as fighting. Once you get adjusted to the controls you can pull off some pretty cool stuff. My latest move is to jump up, flip in the air, draw my saber, and come crashing down on the latest droid that tries and fill me full of holes. I found that even though the light saber does a great job deflecting shots you still need to move, jump and roll to make sure you don't get hurt. The sound would probably have to be the single best thing out of this game. The effects of your lightsaber are the best. I like swinging that thing just to hear it. Voices and blaster shots are also very crisp and sound just like they should.

Multiplayer (if any):

No multiplaying capabilties.


Pretty different in the sense of normal games. It's a 3rd person set up with you looking down from behind the person you are controlling. In the beginning you start out as Obi-Wan and you have Qui-Gon with you for the first few minutes. So far the only weapons I have found are a blaster and a thermal detonator. Naturally you are equipped with your own lightsaber and it really kicks some butt. :) There are many targets, good and bad, for you to shoot at or slice with your saber so you have to be careful. I love this game. I plan to play it to the end. While the story line goes with the movie you are still met with enough surprises that keep you jumping. There are a few puzzles and quests along your way that act as filler for the moments between certain scenes of the movie. I give this game one of my highest ratings for sure.

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