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Who Wants to be a Millionaire

Saturday, January 01, 2000 by TheDoc

Overall: 4
Graphics: 4
Interface: 4
You've seen the show? You've seen that game... The game is a basic replica of the show in that you answer questions that vary in difficulty, getting harder and harder with each question. Some of the questions are a joke, being so easy to answer it's not funny. Once you start getting up there in money, the questions get harder and harder. The first time I played, I got up to $32k before I blew the question. Not bad. I only wish I could do that in real life. If you are into trivia type games this is a good one for you to get. The music gets old (as does the show's music) but it's not that bad and Regis talks to you to ask you the questions. I enjoyed it.


The graphics for the game are ok, nothing to go overboard over though. It takes the main stage from the show and puts you in a ranged view, and when you go to the question, it zooms into the monitor and that's about all you see. It's pretty basic.


Game control is really basic. Other than the keys you use to type in your name, you use the a,b,c or d keys, or you use the letters of the lifelines (phone=p etc). Either than that, there are no other controls.

Multiplayer (if any):



The gameplay is simple, answer the increasingly harder questions to win a million dollars. You get 3 lifelines just like the show, the "50-50", "phone a friend", and "ask the audience" ... The 50-50 is the only true lifeline in the game, as the others are more of a guess, and you have to figure out if they are right or not. At least in the show, your friends will tell you they don't have a clue. Overall I liked the game. I enjoy trivia games, and thus, another trivia game goes to me to play. The questions are interesting and tend to keep you on your toes. I got up to $32k so far, and as little as $1000 when I blew a question about popcicles (how the hell was I suppose to know that orange is the most popular flavor?)

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