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Nascar Revolution

Saturday, January 01, 2000 by Shamino

Overall: 4
Graphics: 5
Interface: 3
Given that Papyrus is really the only company to release race games based on Nascar, this was quite the refreshing change. When Nascar 99 came out it seemed to be nothing more than just Nascar 2 with 3Dfx enabled. This is not the case with Nascar Revolution. The realism is there and the graphics are outstanding. If you're looking for an arcade style racing game, you'd better stay away from this one.


Simply awesome. The car models are fantastic, the tracks are great, and the landscape is superb. I had no lag even in a big crash with about 10 cars and my 3Dfx just hummed thru it. You can even see the reflections of the sky on the hoods of the cars. Just outstanding.


Controls are a bit tough. You really need to concentrate if you want to do well in this racing sim. It's real easy to just punch the throttle and go but when you get to that 2nd or 3rd turn you are gonna find yourself eating the wall. Don't forget to ease up on that throttle. I think that the sounds were one of the defining qualities of this game. The sounds of the cars is pretty intense and they have some pretty good dialogue for which EA is becoming quite famous for. Whereas I loved the play-by-play announcer in games suchs as NHL 98 & 99, I really started getting annoyed with the announcer in Nascar Rev. It bordered on distraction and that is the last thing you need in this game.

Multiplayer (if any):



I really like this game and would suggest it to any hardcore Nascar fan (glance Spectre) but be prepared to spend some time behind that joystick to get used to the controls. EA did an awesome job with this one but it's got a pretty steep learning curve.

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