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Fallout Tactics

Tuesday, May 08, 2001 by TheDoc

Fallout Tactics
Overall: 3
Graphics: 3
Interface: 4
Fallout Tactics - Brotherhood of Steel. If you've played fallout or fallout 2, you should be able to jump into the game and not miss much, as the game is played just like the older ones. The only difference, is you are sent out on missions, rather than roaming the country trying to find things. Basically take a mission based game and throw in the fallout game as a more structured game, and you have Tactics. I've heard a few complaints about it being more mission based, rather than a story line expanding, but I think it's pretty much the same game, but without the distractions. It's a pretty hard game as you start out with like 3 people, trying to kill 20. Odds are against you from the start. You'll learn to save often or be forced to restart the game over and over.


The graphics are getting kind of old, but still don't look too bad. The backgrounds at nicely done and don't look too bad, and the character animations are still nice looking, just kind of dated.


Basic interface, using the mouse and keyboard (mostly keyboard). You can use hotkeys to do a lot of things, and most of the time it's easier to use the hotkeys than the mouse. The game interface is the same layout as the earlier fallouts, with the basic menu system, most everything is easy to find and understand.

Multiplayer (if any):

Multiplayer is an option for this game, although I haven't tried it. I'm not sure how fun this game would be with a multiplayer mode (I might be wrong and it might not have multiplayer mode in it).


I liked the first two fallout games, and I've played this one for a while. It is lacking some of the story and plot lines that the other games have, but it is still fun.

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