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Episode I: Pod Racer

Saturday, January 01, 2000 by Shamino

Overall: 4
Graphics: 4
Interface: 4
Multiplayer: 4
In Pod racer the game is focused soley on the pod races that Anakin raced in. Added to this are more planets/tracks to race on. You character is Anakin of course but in multiplayer you can be whoever you want. Yes, the game is full of all of the movies nasty characters. Right before you enter the race you are given stats on the track, a map of the track, and the track's favored alien racer.


On the voodoo 3 3000 everything looked great. Very smooth textures and everything ran by so fast I hardly had time to look at them. Also saw the graphics display on a P233/Voodoo I combo and thought everything looked pretty decent as well.


Controls are pretty easy. You have your throttle, your left and right turn, and a cool little ability to turn yourself sideways so that you can fit thru tight spots on the track. There is also a turbo boost that makes things a little hard to turn and makes you vulnerable to harder crashes. My rating drops a little here unfortunatly. I found the engine noise of the racer to be a little repetitive and out of sync with the events transpiring on the screen. They didn't seem to mesh very well. The in game music is pretty good though keeping with the Stars Theme.

Multiplayer (if any):

Tried a 6 or 7 player lan game and had a blast. I never did better than 3rd place but I did have the best lap time quite a few times. Noticed some warping when looking at other players I was racing against and this remains consistant with most multiplayer racing games.


As in all racing games, you must try to beat all of your competition. At first glance I thought I would have a pretty hard time just racing one of those racers but I ended up doing pretty good. Most people I've seen play this game have taken first place on their very first race but the tracks do get a bit more difficult from there. A good racing game. Don't be intimidated by the machines. Everything is pretty easy to "fly". While I like this game, I doubt I will play it much in single player mode. Multiplayer is the only way to play racing games.

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