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Rogue Spear

Saturday, January 01, 2000 by ReDDoG

Overall: 4
Graphics: 4
Interface: 4
Multiplayer: 4
Taking in consideration that I'm an Expert CTF Quake head... This game actually consumed the majority of one of my Saturdays. Not your ordinary first person "run in and kill" someone. This game is a more down to earth style, instead of one shot your dead you player can actually be shot in the leg and attempt to make a break for it. Until ReDDoG pulls out the Old Faithful .50 Cal Browning, and puts a hole in your head. Needless to say I was impressed and will continue to play this one.


Graphics in this game are astounding from the smoke and flash bang grenades to the raindrops in the train yard. The environment is always there to make your heart skip a beat while you hide and wait for the enemy to come in your sights.


The controls in Rogue Spear are very similar to any other first person game. Completely re-mapable (is that a word? = ) ) so I felt like I was playing a slower version of XCTF without a grapple of course. The really great things about the controls were the leaning around corners and 2X magnification. That made this game rock!

Multiplayer (if any):



Intense gameplay, and very smooth. Multiplayer is fabulous, we played this game 2 on 2 and continued to play it for about 6 hours. That has to say something about Rogue Spear. Single player isn't something to laugh at either, with many hard missions, AI that actually pays attention and covers your ass. Versus walking in a single file line into a room while getting picked off one by one. My overall review would consist of giving Rogue Spear 2 PAWS up, and another 6 hours on any given Saturday. I would recommend this game to anyone that enjoys first person action packed games. With the awesome graphics to the smooth gameplay, and intense multiplayer mode. Rogue Spear is definitely a game that I like.

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