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Saturday, January 01, 2000 by Pyro

Overall: 4
Graphics: 4
Interface: 4
Superbikes is another of the many racing games available on the market. What makes this game stand out as compared to MotorRacer is how true to life it is. You have several manufactures to chose from such as Kawasaki, Suzuki, Honda, and a couple of others. All bikes perform as their real life counterparts would. In the pits, you can adjust just about anything you can think of to help the performance and handling of the bike.

During practice, they thoughtfully placed "best line of travel" markers for you to follow, making it very easy to figure out the best way to traverse the track, and even a special marker that tells you that you better start braking by this point or your going to learn the meaning of road rash real quick.

During a race if you bump someone, or get bumped, you can eat pavement, but if you manage to keep the bike under control, you get to watch your player make spiffy gestures at your opponents. Wrecks are pretty cool, and realistic with the exception that they never manage to make body motions look fluent. Usually your bouncing off the pavement on your hands and knees. Of all the motorcycle racing I have watched, I have never seen a guy wipe out while stuck in that position. Usually their arms and legs are flailing in all directions as spectators are moaning and groaning in sympathy.

Major complaints: If they included motorcycle/player damage into the game, it would be perfect! Even on the hardest level, no matter how hard you smack the concrete or how hard you slam you cycle into the retaining walls, your player merrily jumps on the bike and continues on. Another very small complaint I have is if your bike gets off into the grass or dirt, the tires start spinning, or so you think. Basically it seems that the clutch takes over and only allows you to go 15-20 miles per hour, no matter what gear you put the bike in. Now, in real life, you can drop the bike into 2nd or 3rd gear, lug the engine a bit, but you will stop the wheel from spinning, get traction, and away you go. In the game, I was able to put the bike into 6th, with the rpm's up at 10k and still cruising at 20 mph. Hmm..not too realistic. Now if your in a lower gear, say 2nd, and your rpm's are up to 10k, and you get your bike back on the track, guess what??? Traction! Can you say wheelie?? Can you say..flat on your back?? Can you say ouch?? I knew you could! Graphics in the game are awesome. Only problem I had was when entering a track from the pits, it stuttered every time for a second. Other than that, the game was fluid.





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