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Saturday, January 01, 2000 by Shamino

Overall: 4
Graphics: 4
Interface: 4
Ok. Yet another shooter. I'd say this is better than the stereotype but still a shooter. Sin's plot is pretty cool but not really original. You start out trying to thwart a supposed bank robbery and end up stumbling on some Big Bad Guy's or Gal's Master Plan. I thought the graphics were pretty decent. I would rate them in the same category as Quake II (Sin uses ID's engine) but not as good as Halflife's textured. The character's are pretty cool. Just about every female is busting out of her outfit though. I think someone creating this game figured sexy polygons were gonna win people over. Try again. I felt that the game played alot like Quake II. Targetting is a bit harder as you have to have an exact shot to kill someone. For shooters, I think it should be a bit easier. The exact shot thing worked well in Rainbow Six simply because the game was geared to be more realistic but I don't like it in Sin. Not when you have a room full of baddies and you've unloaded all your ammo into one guy and here come 3 more....





Multiplayer (if any):

I liked multiplayer within Sin. The weapons were fun and the gore was different giving it a unique quality among shooters. I never got a chance to play with a large group simply because this poor game chose to be released right before Halflife so it was dropped like a bad habit for a better game.


For all the bad things I have to say about Sin, I actually liked playing it. One particular level was a real pain in the ass simply because they make you jump around too much but other than that most of the levels are fairly easy to figure out after you think about it. I would have continued playing it except for Halflife came out. If I decide to go back, I'll post an update.

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