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Stephen Kings F13

Saturday, January 01, 2000 by TheDoc

Overall: 3
Graphics: 4
Interface: 2
After waiting a while in anticipation of Stephen Kings F13, I was disappointed to say the least. Imagine the movie you think they took of SK's and did the movie so crappy you wish he never sold the rights to it... Well, that gives you one up on this game? I think he had something to do with this, and I really wish he didn't...


The graphics in this (ahem) game, were pretty well done. That's about the most I can say for this. They were nicely done, and looked pretty good actually. Most of the things in it were clean and looked good.


Not much to control here. Pretty much mouse driven for everything. If you can point a mouse, you can control all of the games.

Multiplayer (if any):



Gameplay... Well, there's only 3 games in this piece of crap... A virtual fish (piranna) tank (which tanks) where you can drop in rhino's, a dog, an aligator, a cow and a horse. It would be better if you could actually see something. when the fish attack, all you see are air bubbles... I'd like to have seen the flesh being ripped off the animals... I mean, this IS a SK game... The next game was bug splat. You basically have a fly swatter and then a rolled up paper to squish bugs. I don't know what comes after that... I got to level 6 or 7 before I quit... It was boring. The last game is whack a zombie. This one was sorta fun. Baiscally it's like playing whack a mole or bug splat, but you hit skeletons, zombies and ghosts. I got to like level 15 on my first try. It was fun sorta, but it also got old after awhile... For game play, I'd give the game a 1... The only redeeming thing on this whole CD was the book which you can only read in it, and the backgrounds and screen savers. I've ended up keeing this installed, just so I can read the book... I don't know about you, but I'm a SK fan and I wouldn't pay more than the price of the book in it ($4.95 or so) ... The rest of it is unorigional, not much fun and a total waste of time and space.

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