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Snowmobile Championship Racing 2000

Saturday, January 01, 2000 by TheDoc

Overall: 3
Graphics: 3
Interface: 3
Gameplay is ok here. It's pretty easy to catch on to the game, and it doesn't have a high learning curve... I played a few practice laps and them went into racing and did pretty good...


The grpahics seem to be in the same level as the not so good games that are being released these days. There's nothing special about the graphics in this game... While there are some nice touches, like the sky reflecting off of the frozen ice, that's about all I can say about it... Everything else is just, well, blah. The person suppose to be you isn't very well done, and when he falls off, the just goes over the top, and is holding on to the snowmobile while upside down... Not very impressive... The tracks are pretty plain, just twists and turns, and an occasional ice patch or hard land... There are some things in there that look like they should be jumps, but how in the hell do you jump a snowmobile? I couldn't find any way, and you just ended up landing the same distance, and you kicked up some dirt and got back to going... Nothing special.


Control here is pretty easy again... Left, right, go and stop... Nothing impressive here. As the control of the snowmobile itself, there's nothing much to it really. It's a learn how to slide over the ice, and a little on the snow, but it's pretty easy to get the hang of.

Multiplayer (if any):



Gameplay is ok, as are the graphics, but I can't really say too much about this game... It's pretty much so-so... But then again, what can you do with a bunch of snow?

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