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Saturday, January 01, 2000 by Pyro

Overall: 4
Graphics: 4
Interface: 4
I played the demo of this game when it first appeared. Even when the game wasn't finished, it showed alot of promise. I am very pleased with this one. They where thoughtful enough to include a way to "tone down" the violence for those that have young children. I was impressed with the thought that went into the design of the game. For example, if you happen to shoot someone in the hand, odds are that they will drop whatever weapon they have in their hands at the time. You shoot them in the leg, and they usually start hopping around howling in pain. Shoot them in the family jewels, they will drop to their knees, clutching themselves. (Eww..that's gotta hurt!) I only ran into one instance where the AI messed up. I opened the door to a room where there was 2 people. One had his back to me, the other saw me, and started shooting. Now if someone in the same room with you starts unloading his gun on someone, your bound to turn around and check out what all the fuss is, right? Not this guy! He must have figured that the other guy had it all under control, because he just kept smoking his cigarette, ignoring everything that was going on. It wasn't until I shot him in the arm, that he turned around and realized I was there. One nice touch is that you can not constantly run in this game, it won't let you! Once you start running, after a short spell, you start slowing down, until eventually your back at a walking pace. You have to conserve enough strength so you can make your next sprint. This brings a new light to multiplayer. No more running away from your enemy. Now you have to either turn and face him, or outfox him.


The graphics while blocky at times (sure seemed to be alot of crates and boxes lying around) where very well done. They took the time to be sure that your surroundings actually looked like the places you where supposed to be in! A wherehouse looked like a wherehouse, complete with trailers, and a high tech control room actually looked like a high tech control room. Really set the mood for gameplay! When you where in the NY subways, it looked like a subway, complete with a train that will run you down and squish you if your forget to get out of the way. When you where in Siberia, it looked like Siberia, complete with fog effect.


Your interface is pretty much your standard Quake II/Quake III first person shooter style interface. Using the keyboard/mouse combo to look and move seems to work the best.

Multiplayer (if any):



I have this affliction for first person shooter games. I can't get enough of them. The more "realistic" they are, the better! A lot of time went into the design of this game, and it shows. Multiplayer was a blast, even with only 2 people. Your walking around with a shotgun, or a light machine gun, hoping your opponent isn't zooming in on you with a sniper rifle! This promises to be awesome with a room full of people!

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