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Soul Reaver

Saturday, January 01, 2000 by Shamino

Overall: 4
Graphics: 4
Interface: 3
Most games that start off on a console game and come to the PC just plain stink. Even worse if they go from PC to console but I have yet to think of a game that started out on the console that I personally enjoyed on the PC. Soul Reaver stopped that for me. I'm generally not into the Tomb Raider-3rd person-that damn camera isn't looking the right way-type of game. But something about SR held me to it. Maybe it's the story line. Maybe I really dig those wings you have. I dunno. But I definantly enjoyed this game. Unfortunately, with most games of this type though, you are stuck trying to figure out stupid puzzles or having to jump just right onto a ledge making sure that the person playing must be the master of all controls. I pray that Ultima 9 does not turn out to be like this and Kingbrit has promised it will not be. Anyway, on to the SR review.


Everything looked great. Lots of eye candy and especially when you get the Soul Reaver from Kain. The effects are quite superb and there is nothing I like better then seeing my character stab a vampire through the heart in 3DFX. :) Sounds are good but eventually repetitive. Fighting especially. Same grunts. Same groans. But something you probably wouldn't pay attention to while battling it for your life against an angry spider vampire.


Kinda tricky. Takes a little getting used to and battles start out pretty easy but you soon find that with harder foes come harder fights. You actually have to get a bit strategic rather then just mashing the fight button and pummeling your foes. Jumping and timing can be a bit tricky and you have to do alot of it for puzzles and just plain getting around. I understand the need to build attractive levels but the puzzles blow.

Multiplayer (if any):



You are Razziel, 1st born to the demon Kain. As vampiric demons you have advanced from human into beings of supernatural powers and abilities. At one point (as the intro shows) you surpass your Lord Kain and in jealousy he beats the hell out of you and tosses you into the Abyss. In the Abyss you are resurrected by some unknown deity and are given the chance to exact revenge upon your former ruler. So your job is to get through puzzles and mazes and your siblings who also serve Kain. Quick complaint: Without a walkthru, good luck trying to figure out how to kill the "mini-bosses"

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