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XPD8.NeT Trade Wars 2002 Server Rules

- No Duping

Only one character account per game per person. If you are caught or suspected of duping, the SysOp reserves the right to suspend and/or ban your account/ip from the server without warning or explanation.

- No Bug Use/Exploitation

This means you may not use any techniques that goes against the natural mechanics of the game. Use of Bugs or exploiting game errors will result in an immediate ban. The use of TW tailored telnet clients, such as Swath, *IS* permitted so long as the program does not make use of exploits/bugs.

- No Spamming

No spamming of other players or the server. Sending messages of any type by any means in a frequency other then normal conversation will result in an immediate ban.

- Respectful Language

Respectful Language is REQUIRED. Abusive languange and/or racism will NOT be tolerated. Use common sense when socializing with other players within the game.

- No Hacking/Use of other player's accounts

Accessing another player's account is considered CHEATING. If you access another person's account for ANY REASON you will be banned even if that person gave you permission to do so. This includes the use of VPN netmeeting or any other desktop sharing utility. ANY attempt to access SysOp controls will result in an immediate ban.

Any violation of the above rules can and will result in a suspension/ban of your account. The SysOp reserves the right to make judgement calls as he sees fit. Please remember that it is your PRIVILEGE to play here and not your right. Should you witness a violation of any of the above rules, please report them to abuse@xpd8.net.